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Monitoring data of local environmental air quality

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With the implementation of a series of national key projects, the instrument industry is getting more and more attention and support from the government.This will make the instrument industry's market investment value increasingly prominent.But for the past year in the instrument industry also happened a lot of big things, CCTV hosts at their own expense to study PM2.5, the data was questioned;"Water ten" began to shout;Overseas acquisition of domestic instrument companies;Chinese scientists launched a satellite to detect dark matter.Laboratory safety is very important, fire monitor is indispensable;The instrument instrument related meeting frequently holds and so on, below I take everybody together to summarize.

CCTV host chai jing released "under the dome" data is questioned, the relevant testing equipment and data reliability is imminent

In march, chai jing, a former CCTV host, released an in-depth public service survey, chai jing smog survey: under the dome.Chai jing used a large number of data and materials to support her conclusion. The doctoral thesis of a netizen on zhihu happened to be related to emission. He felt that there was something wrong with it and checked the data, finding that almost every data had problems.The first is a deliberate confusion between smog and PM2.5. The second is the lack of sampling instrument's test range and sensitivity data, air humidity and wind direction conditions, sampling instrument's flow data, and the background and time of changing data caliber to form misleading impression and tamper with data, etc.This one report comes out, let netizen cry aloud: professional thing still gives professional person to do!

The following is the air purifier data fraud developed by xiaomi company, various environmental detection instruments are not precise enough, monitoring data fraud and other series of problems.In the second half of 2015, environmental protection departments at all levels verified eight typical cases of violation of laws, which were all handed over to public security organs, and 10 responsible persons were sentenced to criminal or administrative detention.Starting from January 1, 2016, the ministry of environmental protection implemented the measures for judging and dealing with falsified environmental monitoring data.According to the measures, the ministry of environmental protection will spend two years conducting special inspections on local environmental monitoring data, especially on falsified air quality data.It is worth thumb up to wield a harsher stick against counterfeiters, local environmental protection authorities and local governments.




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