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Common faults and solutions of screw type air compressor

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Screw air compressor is a kind of high speed rotary positive displacement compressor, through the work volume shrinking compressed gas, in addition to the two high-speed rotation of the screw rotor, no moving parts, a rotary compressor, such as centrifugal compressor and reciprocating compressor (such as piston compressor) their own advantages, such as small volume, light quality, smooth operation, the vulnerability of small, high efficiency, large single stage compression ratio, energy stepless adjustment, etc., in the compressor industry rapid development and application.

However, if the maintenance measures are not correct or improper operation, it will lead to more equipment failures, reduced service life, thus affecting the normal operation of the unit.Therefore, it is very important to master the general knowledge of maintenance and familiar with the solution of fault to ensure the smooth operation of compressor.

Working principle of screw type air compressor

The working process of screw type air compressor is divided into four processes: suction, sealing and conveying, compression and exhaust.The air compressor inhales the surrounding air through the air intake filter, and makes it enter the compressor host. The yin-yang rotor changes the volume of the host through meshing motion, and at the same time, the cavity continuously sprays oil, lubricates and cools the screw, thus producing the mixture of oil and gas after heating.The oil and gas mixture after temperature rise and pressure increase enters the oil and gas separator through the exhaust one-way valve. Most of the oil in the main engine cavity is separated from the compressed air in the oil and gas separator, and then returns to the main engine for recycling after cooling.When the air in the oil and gas separator reaches the required minimum pressure, the minimum pressure valve is opened, high temperature compressed air into the cooler to cool, then we get the compressed air we need.

Common faults and solutions of screw type air compressor





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