------Products------After years of research and service in sensor, robot, vacuum pump, air compressor and other products, Yunte investment responds to the development trend of industry 4.0 era. Excellent product performance, Originated from the world's top product technology, it provides comprehensive solutions for the intelligent upgrading of many enterprises. For example, Hitachi, kashiyama, OTEX, KUKA, etc.

  • vacuum pump
    vacuum pump
    If only air and nitrogen are extracted, it only needs to be maintained once every three years, which extends the service life of the equipment and reduces the use cost of vacuum pump.
  • sensor
    High performance displacement sensor with multiple sensors, strong case, waterproof grade IP67.Easy to use, even long distance detection and easy to focus.Long detection distance (opposite type Max.25m;Diffuse reflection Max.1m).
  • robot
    The KR QUANTEC series is based on KUKA's experience in the dynamic world of automation.Effectiveness: reliable, diverse and efficient high quality solutions for your production environment.Customers will benefit from the wide range of applications for KR QUANTEC robots, which are convincing in performance, economy and flexibility.
  • air compressor
    air compressor
    QOWI is an oil-free air compressor, which USES water spray twin-screw and variable frequency drive technology.The bearing of compressor rotor is lubricated by water to avoid oil entering the compression chamber, and the compressed air is 100% oil-free.During the compression process, due to the cooling effect of water spraying, the air temperature rise only increases by 25°C, which is very close to isothermal compression, and the maximum pressure can reach 13bar.
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Provide your industry with customized automated energy-saving solutions. You can learn more about our industry solutions, successful customer projects and international partners, so as to provide reference for your choice!

  • Dry screw vacuum pump usage and common problems
    With the rapid development of China's industrial industry, in some processing and manufacturing areas, the requirements for vacuum and cleanliness are becoming higher and higher.
  • What is the reason of screw vacuum pump trip? How?
    The trip of screw vacuum pump is very serious, especially when it is used, it is very harmful to the equipment, and the internal parts will have some wear.
  • Common problems and solutions for sensor application
    The reasons for the inconsistent printing position during continuous printing are mainly caused by the paper jitter in the channel and the inconsistent gap of the paper itself, which leads to the instability of the waveform detected by the sensor and makes the positioning of continuous printing inaccurate.
  • Common problems and solutions for robots
    Laser cutting technology is widely used in industrial production, but due to the imperfect domestic cutting technology, there are some problems in the actual production process.
  • Industrial robot industry development analysis and existing problems
    The origin of modern robot in the middle of last century, developed countries represented by the United States made preliminary exploration in the field of robotics. In the 1950s and 1960s, with the development of mechanism theory and servo theory, robots entered the stage of utilization.
  • Common faults and solutions of screw type air compressor
    Screw air compressor is a high speed rotary positive displacement compressor, through the working volume reduction for gas compression, in addition to two high speed rotary screw rotor, no other moving parts

    Customer case

    Over the years, we have solved various problems reliably for our customers with efficient and up-to-date automatic energy-saving solutions and helped them to succeed. In the following database of automated energy saving solutions, you can find an overview of customer projects for all relevant enterprises. You also search for robot automation solutions or similar problems in your industry, and please have a personal experience of how we help customers achieve energy saving and automation.


    Operation guide, troubleshooting, industry exhibition, construction case

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